Francoise Hardy- Simple and beautiful

These days I’m trying a different approach to dressing and to style:

Simple, minimal, pure– these are the kinds of descriptions

I’m going for.

Also, I’ve noticed that I never blog about

inspirations from the past- I’m always caught up in what’s the now and

sort of forget that there are so many inspirations and icons from the past

that I can learn from.

Other current musings:

Beatles- Abbey Road

The Diana Mini Camera from Lomography

Scarlett as Charlotte in Lost in Translation

In other news:

I’m going home to New York City tomorrow for Thanksgiving Break.

And after that will be finals.

And after that will be my flight to Auckland, New Zealand.


If I don’t get a chance to do so,

I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving!!!



4 thoughts on “Francoise

  1. omg i actually know francoise hardy! my roommate in korea was a francophile and really liked her–she made me listen to ‘tous les garcons et les filles’ and i fell in love with it too 🙂

    very nice montage overall!

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