BOTM: Brownie & Blondie

Introducing BOTM aka “Brand of the Month”…

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.53.18 PM

Our first issue of BOTM features Brownie & Blondie, a high-end French Couture meets street rock clothing line by Frabice Couturier. I am a huge fan of minimal and streamlined quality wear, and this up-and-coming avant garde line is just that. The best part? Brownie & Blondie is a unisex label — kind of like a new and improved European version of  UNIQLO. For our readers with an eye for modern design and practicality, I think you’ll really appreciate this brand.

Be sure to check out their online shop and social links below. [All images courtesy of]

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Brownie & Blondie [SOCIAL]

One thought on “BOTM: Brownie & Blondie

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