BOTM: Brownie & Blondie

Introducing BOTM aka “Brand of the Month”…

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Our first issue of BOTM features Brownie & Blondie, a high-end French Couture meets street rock clothing line by Frabice Couturier. I am a huge fan of minimal and streamlined quality wear, and this up-and-coming avant garde line is just that. The best part? Brownie & Blondie is a unisex label — kind of like a new and improved European version of  UNIQLO. For our readers with an eye for modern design and practicality, I think you’ll really appreciate this brand.

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Brownie & Blondie [SOCIAL]



krink nyc


Lately, I’ve been looking towards Art as a hobby. I am in no way, shape, or form, skilled  when it comes to drawing, painting, or sketching. But something about taking out a marker and painting to my heart’s content is highly therapeutic. I would definitely recommend it for those looking to try something new 🙂

Krink NYC (website here, Instagram here) is a brand I recently discovered as I find myself slowly starting to pay attention to things like art supplies and brands (which are ironically enough, pretty expensive. Hence why artists are always ‘starving’ ?) I absolutely love their Instagram feed, but I also think the projects that they get involved with as a brand is not only awe-inspiring from a design standpoint, it is also a mark of overall quality, culture, and humanity. You’ll see what I mean once you start delving deep into their website and photo feeds online.

In any case, thank goodness spring is (finally!) here. Ciao Ciao to Winter — you will sorely not ever be missed.

Happy weekend –



Image Source: Krink NYC

Wrap Up

It’s officially blizzard time here in the East Coast

and unfortunately the winter coats I currently own

are just not going to cut it.

I know, I know. It kind of doesn’t make sense that I ‘m browsing over

winter apparel when I will be going to New Zealand in less than 2 weeks

where it will be SUMMER,

but I just can’t get over how wonderfully warm and effortless

this Balenciaga jacket is.

Lucky Liu…

Credits: Jak&Jil Blog

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Is this great or what?!

I personally like these:

Ironically, I didn’t care much for the shoes

only because I’m not sure I have

anywhere to wear them to haha

BUT I did take note of some:

Epic.  (would it be better in black?)

Also very classic Jimmy epic..

Anyways, it’s

Coming out November 14th!! 🙂


Credits: Purple Cuffs



Loving the crop top. Especially with the amazing weather we’ve been getting!

Especially crop tops with some sort of animal print. Like this one above, and this tiger one. Both by Wildfox Couture! Want want want! (probably will have when my next paycheck comes around..and when I get around to shaping my tummy area up..) Lovee the AA one I currently have..but this needs to be added to my summer wardrobe. The prices aren’t too bad.

The key thing to wearing a crop top and not coming off (too) trashy, I think, is to make sure it’s a little oversized and make sure your belly button is covered–either by the top or by a pair of high waisted shorts.