Happy Summer, folks!
In spite of the blogging hiatus (trying to tan and squeeze in some beach days in the midst of NYC work life) I’m always happy to come across new people, new content, new art. Enter Hollywood’s “It Girl” Elizabeth Olsen — the name behind the Elizabeth and James brand and of course, the sister of none other than mega style icons/blogger crushes MK and Ashley Olsen.

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Elizabeth, despite being the sister ‘behind the scenes’ (relatively speaking) is a style icon and rising talent in her own right. She has had breakout roles in Godzilla, Martha Marcy May Marlene, and her most recent film which is still in production, The Avengers: Age of Ultron in which she will star as The Scarlet Witch. Definitely a teenage action star in the rising. Being related to some of fashion’s darlings doesn’t hurt either. Below is a fashion shoot video for Flaunt Magazine where she casually stars in ultra-contemporary designer wear in Brooklyn (my new favorite borough). Take a look, revel, and yes. Be Jealous.

Source: The Confluence Group


BOTM: Brownie & Blondie

Introducing BOTM aka “Brand of the Month”…

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.53.18 PM

Our first issue of BOTM features Brownie & Blondie, a high-end French Couture meets street rock clothing line by Frabice Couturier. I am a huge fan of minimal and streamlined quality wear, and this up-and-coming avant garde line is just that. The best part? Brownie & Blondie is a unisex label — kind of like a new and improved European version of  UNIQLO. For our readers with an eye for modern design and practicality, I think you’ll really appreciate this brand.

Be sure to check out their online shop and social links below. [All images courtesy of Brownieandblondie.fr]

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Brownie & Blondie [SOCIAL]

GCOTM: Mogi by Malin Richardson

MalinR - header pic

It’s been a while…

This year’s first Girl Crush of the Moment (GCOTM) goes to Malin Richardson from http://mogi.metromode.se/ — her bold and bright style is perfect inspiration for the now-changing season to warmer weather. Malin is no ordinary trendsetter though… her global lifestyle and overall passion is reflective of her near iconic status back in her home country, Sweden (and you know how much LLF loves the Swedish fashion scene!) That said, she is definitely someone we’re honored to have interviewed along with the likes of Aimee Song and Zanita, etc — after all, her blog and her influence is showing no signs of slowing down!  Below is a LLF-exclusive in-depth look into Malin Richardson, the blossoming global style icon.


Why did you start blogging?
I started my blog as a hobby when I was 17 years old back in 2007. I was one of the first people to start blogging in Sweden so my blog got a lot of attention and it grew very fast. As my readership grew I began to be less private and put more focus on my passions for fashion, travels and food!

And what is your most and least favorite thing about being a fashion blogger?
I love that I get to work with my passions in life and it has landed me so many opportunities, I got to launch my own jewellery collection in Sweden and I also got a job for ELLE Food & Wine as a travel/food writer trough my blog. My least favourite thing would probably be all the hours that I sit by the computer editing pictures, I love photography but the editing is sometimes exhausting! One article takes around 3 hours to create and I usually create 2 articles per day so that is 6 hours just editing pictures each day..!

Who is your style inspiration? 
I love the style of Kate Middleton and Olivia Palermo! Classic style with a modern twist and they are not afraid of colors and patterns – my motto!

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Who are some of your favorite style bloggers?
I love style bloggers like Gal Meets Glam – her style is the perfect California chic which the boheme inside of me love! I also love Atlantic Pacific – she isn’t afraid of bold colors and patterns which I love! The bold city girl inside of me loves that. I also love the style of Zhanna Bianca – she isn’t shy about wearing lots of colors and patters – just my cup of tea!

Favorite fashion brands?
I have many but I would have to say MSGM and Alberta Ferretti make my heart skip a beat! Just because they are always so creative and playful with their collections and so very colorful!

List 3 things on your current wishlist: it can be bags, shoes, a trip to Bali…anything!
I would love to go to Australia! I would also love to get a apartment together with my boyfriend In London or Stockholm. Then I would love to get a Canon Mark III!

What are your thoughts on the Swedish blogging scene? 
It is very developed! The biggest difference between the international blog scene and the Swedish one is that Swedish influencers earn all their income via ad sales on their blog and on the international blog scene it is via projects and collaborations.

And how much has Paris influenced your style?
It is more how Paris influenced my way of eating! Hehe! I love all the food in this city and I have truly become a foodie from living in the city. Everything from finding the most perfect croissant and pain au chocoate (And yes, I found them both!) to high end street food to fine dining – I love it all!

“Inside Look”: What are some everyday essentials you carry with you wherever you go? (i.e. makeup essentials, camera, phone, sunglasses, etc)
I always bring my Iphone, Canon D70, lip balm, wallet and some make up essentials in case of emergency!

Which city has been your favorite travel spot so far? Do you have any recommendations for first-timers?
I first though I loved New York most of all but the more I travel the more I realize that NY is too intense for my taste and London is absolutely my favourite big city! I love everything from the food scene to the fashion och shopping, the politeness of the people and all the tea! I love tea above all and the British sure know how to make that perfect cup of tea with the most delicious scones! I’m all for that!

When it comes to more exotic travels I love the Seychelles and the Maldives! I was there earlier this year and fell in love, it sure is paradise!

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What is your guilty pleasure?
Probably everything! I love indulging in delicious food and I love french pastries and I just got back from New York where I queued for 2 hours (..!) to Dominique Ansel Bakery to eat the most hyped pastry in New York right now – the cronut! (A fusion between a croissant and doughnut) And it was so delicious, I would eat that little magical thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner if it was possible!

What do you enjoy doing the most during your ‘down time’? (i.e. any other hobbies, etc)
As I travel so much and I am constantly on the go I really enjoy doing pretty much nothing on my down time. Just enjoying quality time with my friends, go out for dinner in Stockholm, go for long walks and just enjoy the calmness before I have to pack my bag again!

Where would you like to be in 5 years? Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
I am currently developing my blog and my brand in to a new concept that will be launched this summer and this is how I will take my blog to the next level. I have a big vision of what I want to do with it and you will have to stay tuned of what is to come, I am very excited! I can’t really say much more at the moment..

A Visit from Fameless: The John C Reilly Tape

The NEW NEW mixtape by Fameless, who we interviewed not too long ago… you know, pre-LLF reconstruction/redesign phase (sorry folks it’s taking so long). LLF’s fave boys from Toronto are back with more “uninspired” music — this time via this kick-ass mixtape. It’s full of the coolest remixes and productions (by them, of course) but pretty much the music and tracklist below speaks for itself. After all, anyone who throws in a little bit of Yung Lean and Luda is good in my book.

Remember to follow them on Soundcloud, Facebook, and that Twitter life.

Thank God it’s almost the weekend. This mix is /probably/ the trill best way to start it off.


“I like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo T-shirt. ‘Cause it says like, I wanna be formal but I’m here to party too. I like to party, so I like my Jesus to party.”

– John C. Reilly

DJ Dahi x French Montana – Ain’t Worried About Space Ghost (Fameless edit)
DamnKids vs. Rob GF
Jimmy Jonhson – FWMN
Tinashe ft. Travi$ Scott – Vulnerable (Fameless edit)
Lil Noid – Load My Clip
Salem x Antwon – Skullcrush
Kirko Bangz – What Yo Name Iz (Fameless remix)
Future – Move That Dope
Chief Keef – Killer
Yung Lean – Kyoto
Rome Fortune – Come & Get It (Fameless C/S edit)
Raheem – The Accomplishment
Lil Durk – Dis Ain’t What You Want
Mary J. Blige – Just Fine (Da-P remix)
Vic Mensa – Time Is Money
Antwon – Rain Song
Ludacris – Party Girls ft. Jeremih & Cashmere Cat
Duru Tha King – Salt Burn (prod. Fameless)
Xavier – Now
Gallant – Jupiter Grayscale

GCOTM :: The Haute Pursuit

I remember my college days when I used to sign into Chictopia.com daily to stalk Lulu and Rumi Neely’s style profiles. It was the first of its kind back in 2009, before fashion blogging became a norm. But I recently felt compelled to check into this portal again.. maybe it’s because I’m looking for the ‘next big thing’ in the online fashion world… or maybe it’s because I’ve been starved of inspiration. In any case, I don’t remember why exactly I drifted away from keeping up to date with the blogosphere but my most recent visit did not disappoint – Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit is definitely worthy of being LLF’s #GCOTM (girl crush of the moment, for you new folks).

Props to Asian girls who can pull of platinum blonde hair… Love her.

All Images sourced from: The Haute Pursuit / Chictopia 

krink nyc


Lately, I’ve been looking towards Art as a hobby. I am in no way, shape, or form, skilled  when it comes to drawing, painting, or sketching. But something about taking out a marker and painting to my heart’s content is highly therapeutic. I would definitely recommend it for those looking to try something new 🙂

Krink NYC (website here, Instagram here) is a brand I recently discovered as I find myself slowly starting to pay attention to things like art supplies and brands (which are ironically enough, pretty expensive. Hence why artists are always ‘starving’ ?) I absolutely love their Instagram feed, but I also think the projects that they get involved with as a brand is not only awe-inspiring from a design standpoint, it is also a mark of overall quality, culture, and humanity. You’ll see what I mean once you start delving deep into their website and photo feeds online.

In any case, thank goodness spring is (finally!) here. Ciao Ciao to Winter — you will sorely not ever be missed.

Happy weekend –



Image Source: Krink NYC


Marcel Wanders On Design [Nowness]

Have you ever felt that tingle of excitement that is so contagious as you witness someone talking passionately about a subject that interests them? I chanced upon this segment on Marcel Wanders as he talks about his drone — a manifestation of a single spark of creativity forged by modern mechanical ingenuity. It’s a sign of futurism. It is art.

But to me, the most important takeaway from this clip is the genuine love he has for building and design. I think men, no matter how old they are in age, will always be a young boy at heart 🙂

Enjoy, be inspired, and discover more in the world of Marcel Wanders.


#LLFSoundInfluencer: Meet Fameless from Toronto

#LLFSoundInfluencer: Meet Fameless from Toronto

Fameless Group Shot 2

Toronto 2014

Fameless ::  a 3 man production powerhouse releasing some of the more exciting beats and remixes on the Internet. From producing for rappers as well as remixing a wide range of artists (from Miguel to Bon Iver), Fameless keeps it real and fun, all with a dose of humor while they’re at it.

See what Fameless shares about themselves, their music, and  fellow Canadian, Justin Bieber, here.


If you love listening to hip-hop and cloud rap…

Discover and Follow these up-and-coming #TASTEMAKERS:





“I actually have a masters in American History. Something totally different, but at one point in my life I decided to only do things I really enjoy doing. History was always my favorite course in high school, and when my first two weeks in Law school totally got me down, I decided to switch over and ignore the advice of people surrounding me telling me I should do something that would be really useful in the future. ”

Hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!

-MJ and Chel