Birthday Wishlist!!

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Yup yup! The day has finally come- I’m no longer a teenager anymore. And since I’ve turned 20 (a relatively landmark age) I thought I’d share my birthday wishlist, albeit a bit late (my birthday was actually on Tuesday)

So in my mind, when a girl finally turns 20, the thing that should come to her mind first and foremost is: ANTI-AGING products.

I know I know- 20 is still a young age, but this is actually prime time to start taking really good care of your skin. And well, of your life I guess. After all, not only do I have to worry about getting wrinkles, I have to start thinking about WHAT TO DO AFTER GRADUATION!?!??But anyway, here are the products (from left to right, starting from the top):

1. Michelle Roy Flower Bib Necklace- I recently discovered Michelle Roy designs– her covetable accessories has garnered much attention and frankly speaking, they’re the perfect addition to any outfit!

2. A Scent by Issey Miyake– I first spotted it in a Korean Women’s Fashion Magazine and I’ve been seeing it everywhere ever since, including Paris Vogue. I was immediately attracted to the overall simplicity of the bottle, the title, and according to Paris Vogue it has a very “pure” and fresh scent reminiscent of nature.

3. Chloe 2-toned Wedge Ankle Boots- So this is my one ultra splurge item I like to insert into any wishlist, always just for fun because I know I will never be able to afford it haha. And I guess… um, they’re hot? [Buy at Brown’s Fashion]

4. Supremya by Sisley– An ultra ultra splurge item (quite unnecessarily expensive actually)? But what the hey? This is just one anti-aging product I’ve been seeing floating around magazine beauty articles. I hear Lancome and Shiseido and Estee Lauder have pretty good anti-aging moisturizers as well.

5. Manolo Blahnik’s Drawings– I’ve recently started up a new hobby: sketching/fashion sketching. And I think this book will be perfect for amping up my creative juices. Plus, who can say no to Manolo’s?

6. Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack by Karen O and the Kids- I have not yet seen the movie, and I hear it is very sad. But I love Max! And Karen O is my idol/religion. Dude, when I read in a NYLON interview that Karen O was half Korean, I was like “Ah”. It’s times like these when I actually feel a bit proud to be Korean haha (BTW- Colette is such a cool store!)

7. AnOther Magazine Subscription– Please Please Pleaseeeeee. I didn’t know Jefferson Hack was this cool. This is just one of those magazines you MUST have. This and Paris Vogue and Purple. (Curse Boston for not holding these mags)

Anyways. Sorry for this abnormally long post. I thought I’d make up for all my lack of posting in this one epic post haha


-MJ 🙂


Some of my Favorites…


Accessories: MANGO, Dress: BCBG, Shoes: Nine West Lawrence


I’ve been into bold jewelry and 

cut-out heels.


xx, MJ

Scarf Fever

I love the Stockholm Street Style site (among many other street style sites), all the girls on there are gorgeous and always styling. I’m always in awe of their impeccable outfits, but lately, maybe its the weather, all I can stare at, other than their boots, are their wonderful big slouchy scarves. I especially love the chunky light orange scarf and the way the girl on the far right draped her big wooly scarf around her head. Who said scarves couldn’t also be used as a hoodie? In any case, these stylish Swedish girls have convinced me that I need colorful scarves, namely a light orange one, now now now! And I remember seeing a similar huge black scarf at H&M last weekend, so I’m definitely going to go pick one up soon. As for the orange one, I’m eyeing this one from forever 21, unless I find a chunky-er one soon with a lighter orangey color. If you know where I can find one though, please help!

Credit: Stockholm Street Style

Accessory Watch: Hats Pt.2

In Part 1 of the Hat Post, I raved about my new obsession with slouchy and big wooly hats (I’ve been wearing my black H&M beanie around a lot lately and loving itt, especially since the temperature has dropped drastically these days), but structured hats have been a big trend lately as well.  I’ve spotted it on the heads of several fashionable street walkers; Rachel Bilson rocked a stylish bowler hat at her Edie Rose for DKNY premiere, and in several lookbooks (the one above is of Elizabeth and James).

If its the first time you’re trying out this trend, a safe bet would be to try a cute black bowler hat or fedora with a cute coat or blazer or, if you’re digging the plaid shirts like I am, it would be a cute look to try as well. Either way, experiment and just have fun with it!

I picked out a few afforadable structured hats for you guys to check out: Free People’s Felt Bowler ($48), Forever 21 Fedora ($10), and UO’s Bowler ($38). Also, remember, ebay is a great option when you’re on a tight budget (just be careful!).

Accessory Watch: Hats Pt.1

Hat Watch Pt 1

We’ve all tried different sorts of hats. At one point in junior high school I sported the big baseball cap. Then some time later, the fancy beret. And embarrassingly, I once thought those wooly hats with cat ears attached on top were the most adorable hats on the face of this planet (and I was not 5 years old) and wore them obsessively.

The main idea is, hats can change your look altogether; but if done right will add interest to an outfit. This fall, we’re all digging the wooly slouchie beanie hats. Alexander Wang’s Fall 08 runway was full of big black slouchy beanies, and the Sartorialist recently shot a couple streetwalkers sporting beanies with interesting colors and designs. The best thing about hats though, is that they don’t cost a fortune (college students like me obsessively worry about prices) to get the look. Plus, they’re can keep you warm and cozy on a cold day, or save you from a bad hair day.

Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, H&M all offer a variety of selections at great prices.

Part two of the Hat post (featuring fedoras, bowler hats..etc) will be up shortly!

Credits: The Sartorialist, the Fashion Spot,