Fall Awaiting.

As summer will soon draw to a close, I can’t help but feel excited for autumn and bringing back all the fall styles – aka black, leather jackets, boots, the works. The fashion industry seems to be hinting at the return of fall fashions too as I’ve been noticing a lot more leopard print back in stores lately..





This boy was on my desktop for a while now… he makes me smile every time I open up my crummy old Dell.

Not sure if he’s gay or not, but either way it’s a lovely picture.

Hope this picture brightens up your day for a moment too! 🙂


Credit: StreetFSN


Dear Readers,

And so it is – Chel and I have been neglecting this blog,

(but I more so than Chel)

and so to be honest I was pleasantly shocked to see that we still had

readers and followers! ha!

But I’ve graduated now. I’m starting a new phase of my life, and

I want to go back to the things that interest me, and

this blog is just that.

So Cheers to the revival of Lets Live Fast.

Cheers to New Phases in Life.

Cheers to Chance Discoverers of this blog,

and Cheers to Kate Moss.

Just because.