Readers Giveaway!


Speaking of shopping for the fall, scarves are great pieces that you can wear whether it is a hot summer day or when the temperature starts to drop in the fall. is offering readers to chance to win this amazingg Tolani navy floral scarf! If you haven’t checked out their site before, they hold tons of great designers other than Tolani Scarves, Sir Alistair Rai, and Elizabeth and James. (They are also having a mid july sale, 25% off everything, ending midnight tonight 7/25!)

To enter, simply do the following:

1. Comment on the post and tell us a (funny, interesting) reason why you should win the scarf

2. Follow chickdowntown on their twitter and facebook (if you have one).

3. Make sure you live in the US!

and thats all (:  (Let us know if you enjoy these giveaways so that we can do more in the future!)


8 thoughts on “Readers Giveaway!

  1. I should win this scarf because my friends have taken to calling me “scarf girl” and I might as well embrace it. There’s no accessory I love more, and I use them in endless ways. I would definitely love to add this beautiful one to my collection 🙂

  2. I need this scarf because I never shut up and therefore, it gives my friends and family a way to “strangle” me silent if you will.

    Okay, not true. I might talk a lot but lets hope they won’t use this pretty scarf to harm me in any way. It would simply give me a GOOD reason to talk non stop.


  3. I should win because I have NO AC IN MY CAR! Which means I have to drive around with the windows down….which sucks because the wind messes my hair up. I NEED a scarf to wear in my hair to keep it from being all crazy

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  4. i neeed this scarf because in 23 days im going
    to be a poor college student who will have no money
    to buy cute things for the fall (which is my favvvvorite season)

    i would ❤ it.

  5. I love scarves and I wear them every season regardless of the weather I would wear this scarf everyday loveeee tolani

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