Lip Stains

drew-covergirl-outlastcg outlast lipstain1

I know lip stains have been out for a while.

But I thought I’d make a semi-beauty post about them.

I just bought the CG Outlast Lip Stain today after reading some reviews

and seeing the ad in a couple of magazines.

I also heard Beneful Benetint and some MAC lip stains were pretty good as well.

What are your favorite lip stains? Or do you prefer lip gloss??

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12 thoughts on “Lip Stains

  1. I’ve actually never tried lipstains before, I should check it out…I always go for lipstick since it moisturizes way better than a chapstick would, and that’s the only real thing I need in a lippy gear 😛

  2. How are you liking the lip stain? I stick to this moisture rich lipstick from Vincent Longo – I love it!

  3. I love the color that I got #415 Teasing Blush. The only thing is, it doesn’t last that long for me.
    The felt marker tip is cool though!

  4. i personally realllllly like lipstains. i just think they look so much prettier than goopy gloss! i got the covergirl lipstain in coral, it’s gorgeous. (even though i hardly wear it lol)

  5. I got that too and had high hopes for it. I think I could get the same effect from a popsicle and it wasn’t long-wear at all. I wasn’t very impressed. Plus it was hard to get the upper lip–like writing upside down. :\ I liked the berry scent though.

  6. I like lipstains, they last longer! I use one which is also a blusher – it’s by Me Me Me and is a ripoff of a Benefit product.

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