Summer Soda

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Two things I love about this:

  • The fact that its styled by Alastair McKimm. See the rest of the editorial here, definitely worth checking out!
  • The fact that Vogue China frequently uses asian models (unlike vogue nippon)

Credit: Vogue China May 2009, tfs


10 thoughts on “Summer Soda

  1. OOhhhh FIRST!
    (okay lame)
    I loooove how she’s wearing that red thing, I like that Vogue China uses Asian models too, what’s the point of an Asian Vogue if all the contents are western?

  2. (about the layout, I thought so, it had a bit of GaranceDore in it, especially the font choice! but definitely in your way and style, very clean and pleasant :D)

  3. Hi, may I ask you a question? I’m thinking of switchig to wordpress too. How did you manage to save the links?
    thanks in advance,

  4. She is so beautiful. I believe all Vogue’s should be diverse in their use of models, we live in a multicultural society and the magazines should reflect this! xx

  5. hi, thanks so much for the kind help…I really dont’ know what to do and I don’t know why I thought you were on blgspot before…maybe I’m getting crazy…
    lot’s of love to you

  6. i remember seeing this spread and really liking it… especially the prada, gotta love the prada

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