In Love, Obsessed



Amazing pictures from The Selby. I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the red floral dress (above) since I saw it a couple months ago, but completely forgot it until I saw Rumi’s (FashionToast) post. Time to save money again..except I can’t seem to find it in my size anywhere.

Though, I’m also saving up to get tickets to All Points West this year. It’s supposed to be an east coast version of the infamous Coachella! Anyone else going?


6 thoughts on “In Love, Obsessed

  1. that dress is so perfect. it literally could transition into virtually anyone’s style. lovelovelovelove.

    i am picturing it with the chloe boots in that picture on the wall. yummmmm

  2. That floral dress is fabulous.

    I’m on the West coast and I’m skipping Coachella this year. After checking the lineup I’d much rather attend All Points West.

    I love your blog by the way! I’m linking you.

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