An Organized Mess


  • Finally visited Topshop over the weekend in New York! A 5 minute wait on a rainy afternoon, weaving in and out of fashionable crowds, and a 35-40 minute wait for a changing room later, I left with $125 less in my wallet and two adorable dresses for the spring/summer season!
  • The trip definitely reminded me that there was no question where I should be this summer: New York.

2 thoughts on “An Organized Mess

  1. ahh i saw this pictrure on skullset, its perfect! i’ll be in ny this summer, cant wait to visit topshop

  2. gosh, I need to get my butt over to topshop! I lust after their stuff so hard, it’s just the prices that scare me away haha. Must start saving again…

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