Poker Face



I’ve been trying to convince MJ for the past week that the crochet bra is the next best thing (after the lace bra). She wasn’t convinced even after this editorial. What do you think? I saw the perfecttt nude-peach crochet bikini at Victorias secret’ll be mine by next weekend (unless I find a better one before that, of course)

Credit: the Fashion Spot


13 thoughts on “Poker Face

  1. Hey crochet bra definitoz in 😛 I can imagine it peeking behind cropped tees 😛 oh my, the 90s are coming back, isn’t it. I LOVE THE DAMN BAND HAT I NEED ONE :p

  2. AH omg she is so so pretty! i want to be her. haha could be a new fav of mine i think!

    thanks SO SO much for your lovely comment – that was really so sweet of you. hope you had a super weekend 🙂

    xxx bel

  3. stunning photos – – – i don’t know how practical a crochet bra is (can you see it through clothing) but it would be super cute to sport with some little high-waist levi’s cutoffs. or something

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