February Spotlight: Eszter



Sorry for the lateness of our February spotlight (we know, it’s almost not February anymore…)! We did a short interview with Eszter of Stylorectic! Needless to say, click to enlarge! And remember to visit her wonderful blog afterwards! (: Enjoyy


5 thoughts on “February Spotlight: Eszter

  1. Oh Yes of couuuuuuurse πŸ˜€ Love how you did the cover graphics, perfect photo choice. Eszter is such a baddasssss, I think she was born that way. Other than her amazing fashionsense I think it’s her personality that we’re all in love with πŸ˜‰ (Oh and can’t wait to see who’ll be featured in March!)

  2. Love that interview. One of the things that I enjoy about most blogs is when they do an interview with other bloggers.

    You get an indepth look into what makes them tick as a person.

  3. Hey Chel and MJ! Thanks for stopping by our blog. We love your blog too! And these spotlights are such a great (and generous) way to learn about even more fashion bloggers. Cheers, you two! Keep up the awesome blogging!

  4. great interview! and great blogger to do it with.

    thanks so so much for your lovely comment! too kind. and to think i bought the mask in january at a supermarket..hilarious.

    much love LM xxx

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