So Chel and I came back as NYFW just started. Our plan was this: stalk fashion editors and take pictures of stylish people at Karen Walker, Vena Cava and the Alexander Wang shows. BUT. We sort of failed. quite miserably in fact.

First, we realized that NY fashion shows are a lot more discreet than we expected. We’ve seen pictures taken by the Sart and there were always these open squares with a whole bunch of photographers crowding around. But it was definitely not like that in NY. Here we are, two young stalkerazzi awaiting to take pictures and meet lots of stylish people, hoping to just blend in with the rest of the photographers (except I don’t have a professional camera, I’m just lugging around my Sony Cybershot). But it was too awkward!

However, the highlight was: We saw Camille from Childhood Flames standing on the line to Karen Walker Show, but she went inside before we knew it.

BUT EVEN BETTER:  WE SAW ANNA WINTOUR AND HER DAUGHTER!!! coming out of Vena Cava. Well, to be precise, Chel got a good look at her and slow me caught a glimpse of Anna’s bob through the passenger seat window. Haha, so unfortunately I couldn’t even manage a decent stalkerazzi picture of her 😦

Anyway, after Vena Cava, Chel and I just decided to stop kidding ourselves and didn’t even show up in front of A Wang’s show. Instead, we attempted to take some pictures of ourselves while walking around Chelsea. Here is the back of Chel’s outfit:

dsc04888(Zara Coat, Zara Dress, Nine West Ankle Boots, Foley + Corinna tote)

And the feet in this next picture would belong to me 🙂

dsc04892These are the Jeffrey Campbell knockoff version of these Marc Jacobs beauties:

In any case, I was still glad I went back to NY this weekend: I got to eat good food, saw a bunch of extremely well-dressed people, and was in awe at just being within the atmosphere. Maybe next season, I’ll show up with a real camera and some extra confidence and take some gorgeous photos 🙂

Bye for now!

Ciao bellas,



9 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Hehehe finally photos of you too! It sucks you couldn’t sneak into any of the shows, but you gave the effort and that’s what’s important.
    Try again next year?

  2. Yes yes yes, the Jeffrey Campbell boots are wayy cute. Where did you get those little babies?

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