Please don’t stop the music


I’ve always wanted to DJ!

By the way, now that I’m back in New York, I get to have good food and shop or whatever. But.

BUT. it is really hard for me to get internet… because I don’t exactly have internet at home? Long story, kinda complicated- but that is true.

So if I’m lucky, I will have a few hours to play on the internet while I’m at my aunt’s printing store.

Anyways, I’m leaving for Florida tomorrow and won’t be back by Saturday!

Happy Holidays y’all 🙂

I hope your vacation is filled with good food, good gifts, and good company ❤

Credit: Glam Canyon


5 thoughts on “Please don’t stop the music

  1. love ur blog ! and i lovvvve music too! i wish i knew how to dj as well. but either way i have an appreciation for music and arts.

    hope ur havin a fabulous christmas darlin!
    i’ll be followin ur blog

    Chris L.

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