I’m back in NY packing for my trip to Taiwan, and I found this spread from Vogue Paris featuring Carmen and Daria especially helpful in my packing business. Lots of black and white, loose flowy tops, studs (I’m really working on this perfect beach hair), more black!

Things that make me happy this week:

  • A nice man helped me with my luggage (it probably weighed more than I did, no joke) on the subway back to NY. When he was about to get off for his stop, he says “Happy Holidays!” to me and that made me smile. Sometimes we forget New Yorkers really aren’t all that bad.
  • I found the Zara beaded/studded vest I’ve been lusting after for 3 months today at the new Bryant Park Zara. I also spotted the fringe bag that MJ has been obsessing over. On top of that, I picked up a nice red leopard print scarf that reminded me of Mary-Kate’s LV leopard print scarf
  • I received the jacket I bought on ebay: this military/hobo jacket that turned out to be amazing! Pictures of everything soon maybe?

In any case, I hope you all happy holidays!


9 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. Ooh god I love this ed too much, two ridiculously sexy girls..

    I liked your luggage story, I actually was surprised at how nice people in NYC were, I honestly think they’re much more polite and engaging than the average Socal-ite.

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