Am I completely delusional to think that maybe this Kimchi Blue Horizan Mohair Cardigan ($58 at UO) might be able to somehow resemble Erin’s Rodarte Handknit one–maybe if I rough it up a little and semi-shred part of it? Maybe my lack of sleep is finally getting to me… ah!

Credit: the Fashion Spot, UO


15 thoughts on “Delusional

  1. Ohhh similar colours though, maybe you could run a razorblade through it, although it’s a knit so be careful! heheh I was just about to ask the same thing 😉 already added yar! (love that you’re using wordpress btw)

  2. erin looks amazing in this combination.
    but rodarete vest is pure perfection. rodarte is really something, the show was fantastic. and the cardigan is purely amazing.

  3. these two are very similar..
    I don’t really like this kind of cardigan.. but erin still looks fab wearing it! i’m sure you can rock it too

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