Holiday Wishlist

Well… the holidays are coming up so I figure I should go ahead and make a wishlist– even though most of these things are currently unattainable due to the bad condition my bank account’s in, which is like my default state anyways.

But, oh well! It doesn’t hurt to wish/hope 🙂


1. Ann Taylor Loft Embellished Cuff  $59

2. Marc by MJ buckled boot $940

3. Topshop Unique Army Jacket $410

4. Canon EOS Rebel XTi $699

5. Topshop  Long leather ruche gloves $65

6.CK Beauty Luxury Creme Lipstick in Plum Berry $18

7. Topshop Rhinestone Snake Brooch $110

8. Mulberry Snake Effect Leather Clutch $644

9.La Madame by Jean Paul Gaultier 1 oz. $42

**BUT, the greatest gift of all would be if I were to receive this:


Let me explain:

This afternoon I was casually browsing through Elle UK online and the front page article was on Eastern Standard’s Christmas Charity Auction- and you should go check out the things that people will be bidding on!

Winning a shopping trip with Kate Moss (and Sir Philip Green) in New York?!  I. DIE.

It’s an understatement when I say that I’m super duper jealous of whoever wins this bid on ebay… so far, it’s you Bidder 4.

**To our dear readers**:

What’s on YOUR wishlists this winter?? 🙂

Image Credits: Topshop, Sephora, Canon USA, Shopbop, Ann Taylor Loft, Ebay, Airport UK


14 thoughts on “Holiday Wishlist

  1. darling i want everything you have on your list!the boots are delish darling.And i had no clue about the kate moss shopping trip ebay auction!

  2. A shopping trip with Kate Moss?! OMGGG; I have one question though; who’s paying for all the expenses?!?

    Anyway; Erin Wasson’s fab! She’s just herself; and she’s got this SOMETHING; which sets her apart from the other hoardes of models!

  3. I’ve got to get round to writing my wishlist this year – though I already know that Madame perfume will already be on it – love the Agy D ad campaign and love the fragrance.

    God, I think I would actually crawl on my hands and knees across broken glass to get a shopping trip with Kate Moss …. *goes off into dream world*


  4. army jacket and topshop leather gloves going straight to my wishlist 😥 affordable things first I guess… I’d be scared to be with Kate Moss 😐

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