Check out those crazy tights by Rodarte! Did I forget to tell you that Rodarte is hands down my favorite designer? Gosh I love them Mulleavy sisters….

Anyways, I really want to see more outfits styled with these leggings- it seems sort of difficult, no?

Credits: Modefeber.se


20 thoughts on “!!!

  1. I know, the sisters are brilliant, aren’t they? I really consider myself lucky for seeing their spring 09 show. They are so down-to-earth and I found it so sweet that they had tears in their eyes when they won the Stella award…

  2. These tights are beautiful! I bet they feel amazing to wear, but I think one of my favorite pieces of this outfit is that shirt, the ballooning sleeves, the ballooning sleeves!

  3. I love those tights, but I feel like I’d freeze to death if I were to wear them during the winter. Yet I probably would still conjure up a way to wear them because they’re so worth it! haha

  4. The tights are lovely, I agree about what you said about them possibly being difficult to wear though! I think maybe you’d need to do something like they’ve done in that picture and team them something really girly and pretty!

  5. Oh I didn’t realize earlier that you had commented twice on my entry, until I made it to the bottom in replying to comments, but sure, I’d love to exchange links, I’ll add you to my blog roll now! 😉


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