I watched ‘Samantha Who?’ for the first time today on abc’s website to catch Mary-Kate Olsen’s performance and for those of you who have kept up with her acting career, can tell that her performance is definitely improving each time! But aside from that, the reason I took the time to personally take some screenshots is the styling of her outfit in the show! She definitely shows you how to put together a perfect fall back outfit for your more lazy days and the way it can transform throughout the day.

What you need: (1) A simple black loose tee shirt (try Truly Madly Deeply’s raw edge v neck ($32)), (2) Great interesting accessories: multi chains a la Givenchy (you can try F21’s Rock n roll chain ($17)) or try bringing back the jelly bracelets with MK!, (3) A longer boyfriend fitted blazer (try Urban Renewals Vintage Lady Blazer in Tan ($48) or your local thrift store), (4) a great shoulder bag!


I also loved how her outfit transformed through the day. Starting off with the basic black tee with simple accessories (which turned out to be a great casual outfit her night out with the ladies as well), adding the blazer (when it came time for her interview) and the red plaid (sorry, the screenshot is kind of blurry, I couldn’t get a good one, I tried!).


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