Jean Gene Jean

post16Credits: the Fashion Spot, Olsen files

When it gets too cold and skirts and denim shirt become out of the question, we resort to jeans. Or layer multiple tights. Or we wear both at the same time. Some inspiration for great ways to make your outfit a little more than just jeans and a tshirt.

(1) Always try to add interesting accessories. Be it interesting jewelry, scarf, or bag, or scarf. It adds interest to an outfit, especially after we’ve seen you in the same winter jacket everyday for a week. Switch up the outfit with a different scarf (maybe with a cool pattern), add a cool vintage looking pin, slip on a crazy looking belt, put on a slouchy beanie or fitting hat? (2) So you put on your jeans, now maybe a unique blazer a la Alexa Chung and Lohan, or a leather jacket, a slightly see-through sequin shirt? Or, one of my favorites, an amazing fur vest/jacket? (3) You can always play with your jeans. We all love the slashed jeans we’ve been seeing on everybody, but if you’re not quite ready for that, maybe just a little bit at the knees (like Ashley Olsen?) or cuff it at the ends (if its not too cold). (4) I don’t think I need to tell you but great shoes can always be an easy way out to spice up an ordinary outfit!

What do you do to spice up your average jeans and shirt outfit?


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