Olsen effect: Influence

I stopped by Barnes and Noble today hoping to flip through “Influence” and ended up walking out with it ten minutes later. I haven’t read all of it yet, but after scanning through the first couple pages in B&N I knew I had to have it and soon shelled out the $35 for it (the price is seriously not bad at all, its a huge hardcover book with great quality pictures, totally worth it, for those of you who were still hesistant to get it).

It’s got lots of great interviews with everyone from Karl Lagerfield to Christian Louboutin to Terry Richardson. It’s been a fantastic read so far. One of my favorite parts aside from the interviews are the pictures of the Olsens when they were younger (: I loved their Full House days.

I took pictures of random pages for you guys (it’s under the read more); go get it! You won’t regret it at all. Oh, and Olsen’s Anonymous also has some great sneak peaks in case you still weren’t convinced! (:

Click for larger!


One thought on “Olsen effect: Influence

  1. Ooh, I saw Influence today and was so tempted to pick it up. It was only Aus$35 as well, which is incredible considering!
    But I hesitated and then saw a pair of shoes that I have a voucher for and would need to put in an additional $35 for. Hmmmm, deliberations.
    Still, thanks for the images (or no thanks, for the temptation? “)

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