Girl Crush of the Moment: Georgina Chapman

Georgina Chapman- designer and co-founder of the line, Marchesa- is a modern day glamour gal. She has the quintessential aura of Hollywood glamour and glitz. She’s usually seen in embroidered or black outfits and Louboutins, but really, anything show-stopping and shiny will do. Although Georgina doesn’t represent my personal style, I think she’s still noteworthy. After all, she is a successful designer of a New York based fashion line that is known for its romantic and feminine pieces. And, I think it is precisely because her style is so glam (I really should look up synonyms for ‘glamorous’) that intrigues me. My style icons revolve around the likes of Erin Wasson or Kate Moss… but Georgina is just pure gorgeous. And her makeup and hair are always perfect! I bet she would hit the best dressed list for the Oscars every year.. no joke! đŸ˜‰
Anyway, I think it’s good to be open-minded about everyone’s personal style and preferences. Basically, if I were a public figure that attended a lot of events and parties (like the rich and famous), I would wish to be as gorgeous and glam (there I go again) as Georgina.


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