Want or Need?

Every couple of days, I get extremely bored of my wardrobe (regardless of how recent my last shopping trip was) and I end up spending hours and hours browsing fashion blogs and every now and again, screaming at MJ (whose desk is right next to mine) that I would DIE for something, and we both nod in agreement and mutter things like ‘ugh, I’m so jealous’ or ‘when I’m rich one day…’ or ‘why can’t I be styling like that?’. Lots of jealousy. Some of these pictures get saved into a super large file I have named ‘Hello’ for future reference and inspiration. And a couple days later, I browse through the whole folder in my free time, and I sit and ponder about their style and pick apart their outfit and try to pinpoint exactly what I love so much about them.

I picked four pictures that I haven’t gotten sick of, even after looking at them day after day. Love the first one; she wears black on black on black perfectly, love the detailing of the studs on her boots, the cut of her jeans, and the way her bag seems to resemble her entire outfit in a strange way. The second picture, love love this. I think that there’s a tiny part deep inside all of us that want to be a bad ass aviator wearing greasy hair wearing motorcycle riding biker chick. And maybe because we can’t all fulfill that tiny dream of ours, that dream has somehow integrated itself into our styling choices: aviators, studded anythings, motorcycle leather jackets, leather leggings..definitely a trend that will never die.  Third one, my obsessions with all things tan/beige colored started after I saw this photo. I’ve always kind of stayed away from the color because I thought that it was the wrong color for me; that I would look naked far away; it just wasn’t the color for me. But she makes the color look amazingly classic and wonderfully elegant. I’m definitely looking into more tan brown wooly clothing for the winter. Maybe a nice cardigan just like that? And, of course the shredded tee.

I’m looking to add the following to my wardrobe: (1): UrbanOutfitters Coincidence & Chance Shawl Collar Cardigan ($58), (2) a nicer leather jacket, the Silence & Noise ($128) has been a popular pick, but I’m still on the look for a more affordable one? and a super nice black jacket for the winter, with a fur lining on top! I’m still looking, Forever 21 got the right idea here, but executed it all wrong. I will find the perfect one eventually? Hopefully before it gets too cold? Help me? I want something that looks like the following from Aritzia.com, but black?

Credits: Aritzia, the Sartorialist, Celebrity Gossip Girl, Stockholm Street Style


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