Better Late than Never- Part II

Hey! I guess this is my introduction…

Who are you?

My name is MJ, sophomore in college, aspiring hotelier/stylist/songwriter/pianist…

2. What is your look?

It varies. But I guess I’m really into the grungey sex hair smoky eyed look- except I don’t actually look like that every day (unfortunately). But there are times when I’m into the classic simple looks a la Kate Lanphear or Hilary Rhoda’s look in the Estee Lauder Sensuous perfume ads…

3. You like to shop at:

Same as Chel + Ebay, Sephora, French Connection, and if there was a Topshop in NYC, it would be on this list.

4. Current obsessions:

Red nail polish, CK Berry lipstick, lace leggings, Zara studded strapped bag

5. On your iPod:

Yeasayer- 2080

Schwayze- Buzzin

Taio Cruz – Like A Star

6. Style inspiration is:

Elle UK stylists, Garance Dore, Louise Ebel, the Sartorialist and other streetstyle blogs, Alexander Wang

7. Your favorite piece (s) in your closet:

my vintage plaid shirt, lace fingerless gloves, my H&M beanie, and my catering uniform 🙂

8. Recent purchases include:

Can’t remember- it’s been a while since I last bought something

9. Your style icon and favorite designer is:

My style icon is Kate Moss. My favorite designer hands down is Rodarte- I love them!

10. If you can own any one thing given an unlimited budget, what would it be?

Let’s see… I want so many things (so greedy!), but if I were to choose something, it would be a record company haha.

No, but seriously if it were to be something fashion related, it would definitely be one of the dresses from Rodarte’s S/S 09 collection.


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