Better late than never

I realized that MJ and I never really introduced ourselves–I think our first post jumped right into our inspiration boards. We probably got a little too excited (: I’m going to do mine first (MJ is currently catching up current events next to me) and MJ will probably do hers later tonight. Anyhow, this is just a small get to know us post, in case you were interested.

1. Who are you?

Chel, college student, marketing major, I blog here (:

2. What is your look?

If you took a look in my closet, most of what you’ll probably see is black, gray, brown, white, black, blue. I love dark colors; I’ve been trying to add more color recently though. I like the just rolled out of bed, wearing oversized shirt look. Skinny jeans, ripped up. Blazers and tights. I think you get the picture.

3. You like to shop at:

H&M, Zara (though I rarely can afford anything there), F21, Gap and UO’s sale section.

4. Current obsessions:

Zippered skirts. Sophomore NYC. Jen Brill. and Boots. Motorcycle grungy boots.

5. On your iPod:

Kanye West- Love Lockdown

6. Style inspiration is:

Blogs, streetstyle.

7. Your favorite piece in your closet:

I’m getting pretty bored of my closet lately, but my budget won’t allow me to purchase anything so…been playing around with what I have. Favorite piece…i’ll get back to you on that. Maybe my A. Wang for uniqlo shift dress? or my blazer.

8. Recent purchases include:

Vintage coach bag on ebay (they’re so gorgeous and perfecttt) and nine west boots.

9. Your style icon and favorite designer is:

Love A. Wang (hence the above picture), Jen Brill, Erin Wasson, Alexa Chung, the olsens, Melanie Huynh..etc I have too many

10. If you can own any one thing given an unlimited budget, what would it be?

Fierce fierce shoes. Or that gorgeous blazer with the two side zippers from A. Wang’s collection. LOVE.



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