The Man behind the Lens- Juergen Teller

Ever since I opened up my first Vogue magazine and flipped through the plethora of high fashion ads, the  images that always stamped itself into my brain were the Marc Jacobs ads. I mean, they were just so bizarre! I never understood them, nor appreciated the beauty and artistic quality behind them- basically they left me scratching my head. This… random leg sprawled across the grass on a seemingly not-so-high-quality digital camera? This… is the Marc Jacobs? So one day I finally read the fine print: “photographed by Juergen Teller”. Aha! so this is the man behind the lens: this middle aged German photographer who apparently started off as a photographer who knew nothing about fashion, and then quickly evolved into one of the most influential photographers in the fashion world for his realistic and raw portrayals of people, both beautiful and not. I’d say he’s most notable for his Marc Jacobs shoots, although he does do other editorial shoots and personal works that are published worldwide.

Previous MJ Ad campaigns shot by Juergen Teller

Previous MJ Ad campaigns shot by Juergen Teller

I would almost compare Juergen Teller’s artistic style to that of Terry Richardson: provocative, controversial, raw, but pure memorable. And the key to this style is to connect to his subjects on a personal and creative level in order to extract their pure personality and essence on photograph. Basically, it’s all about chemistry and a huge interplay between model and photographer- as it should be. So there. Even though I did a bit of research on the man behind the infamous Marc Jacobs ads, I’m still left a bit perplexed. Oh well, that’s Marc Jacobs… or Juergen Teller for you.  

Credits: photos from Google Search, biography-,


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