Where in the World is Martin Margiela?

During the summer, I read an interesting article on Martin Margiela, proclaiming him to be Fashion’s Invisible Man. Before this article, it never occured to me that I had no idea what he looked like–but what does it matter? Looking through his Spring 2009 RTW show though (rumored to be his last show before he retired), I found it amusing that he had the models’ faces covered up as well, seemingly mirroring his own style. Its admirable, that theres someone out there who still cares more for his work to be recognized than to be recognized (by face) for it.

To add more to the craziness, Dani Stahl is offering to give up all her jewelry to the person who can accurately draw a picture of what he looks like now (the last photograph of Margiela was circa 1998) here. (Kind of reminds me of ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’ when they were chasing ‘Where’s Fluffy’)

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this article is a good read: Martin Margiela, Fashions Invisible Superstar.


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