Accessory Watch: Hats Pt.2

In Part 1 of the Hat Post, I raved about my new obsession with slouchy and big wooly hats (I’ve been wearing my black H&M beanie around a lot lately and loving itt, especially since the temperature has dropped drastically these days), but structured hats have been a big trend lately as well.  I’ve spotted it on the heads of several fashionable street walkers; Rachel Bilson rocked a stylish bowler hat at her Edie Rose for DKNY premiere, and in several lookbooks (the one above is of Elizabeth and James).

If its the first time you’re trying out this trend, a safe bet would be to try a cute black bowler hat or fedora with a cute coat or blazer or, if you’re digging the plaid shirts like I am, it would be a cute look to try as well. Either way, experiment and just have fun with it!

I picked out a few afforadable structured hats for you guys to check out: Free People’s Felt Bowler ($48), Forever 21 Fedora ($10), and UO’s Bowler ($38). Also, remember, ebay is a great option when you’re on a tight budget (just be careful!).


One thought on “Accessory Watch: Hats Pt.2

  1. Good post. Just an fyi, for a fedora to be a woman’s fedora the bow on the ribbon should be on the right side like on the Betmar Femme Fatale. Don’t let that stop you from wearing any fedora though. If it’s comfortable and looks good, go for it.

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