Accessory Watch: Hats Pt.1

Hat Watch Pt 1

We’ve all tried different sorts of hats. At one point in junior high school I sported the big baseball cap. Then some time later, the fancy beret. And embarrassingly, I once thought those wooly hats with cat ears attached on top were the most adorable hats on the face of this planet (and I was not 5 years old) and wore them obsessively.

The main idea is, hats can change your look altogether; but if done right will add interest to an outfit. This fall, we’re all digging the wooly slouchie beanie hats. Alexander Wang’s Fall 08 runway was full of big black slouchy beanies, and the Sartorialist recently shot a couple streetwalkers sporting beanies with interesting colors and designs. The best thing about hats though, is that they don’t cost a fortune (college students like me obsessively worry about prices) to get the look. Plus, they’re can keep you warm and cozy on a cold day, or save you from a bad hair day.

Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, H&M all offer a variety of selections at great prices.

Part two of the Hat post (featuring fedoras, bowler hats..etc) will be up shortly!

Credits: The Sartorialist, the Fashion Spot,


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