Girl Crush of the Moment

Melanie Huynh

You’ve probably seen her pictures on The Sartorialist, or seen her name appear under ‘stylist’ in gorgeous editorials, and probably walking with a crowd of equally stylish ladies–Melanie Huynh, aka junior editor for French Vogue, aka one of the most styling ladies ever.

The first photo I saw of Melanie Huynh was courtesy of the Sartorialist, the picture on the far left. I instantly fell in love with her classic and cool style and attitude. She loves to wear darker shades of colors in varieties of shapes and textures; loose, flowy, voluminous tops with tight short bandage skirts, tights, and lace up booties (MJ actually has a post about lace up booties over at The Supermelon, check it out!) . I’m especially envious of all the jackets she owns and her leggyness (superrr jealouss muchh?).

One thing I’ve noticed though: she tends to wear minimal amounts of makeup and to carry small clutches? I wonder what she carries in there….

Whether you know her or not, take a look at her new picks in the august 2008 vogue, click on the thumbnail on the right to check it out:


Credits: The Sartorialist, the FashionSpot


Inspiration Board

Some obsessions for the fall: blazers, lace up boots, plaid, leather anything, orangey-red pops of color, sheer tops, slouchy pants, zippers, slouchy beanies.

– Chel

Credits: Foto Decadent, the Fashion Spot, Celebrity Gossip