Off the Cuff. Look.Book.

The last couple of months in New Zealand were a whirlwind of

intense fun, awe, flirtations, happiness, hopes for the future, and ending

with sad goodbyes.

Now I am back in New York City – it’s been a week and a half since I’ve been back

and now that I’m finally getting used to the real world again I thought

I’d begin by resuming this blog :)

Chel and I have been on a 6 month hiatus and I do apologize for our…

negligence. haha!

And I think slowly but surely as I get back into the habit of things again

you might notice more influences from my study abroad experience -

so look forward to it!



Credits: (Old) i-D, Vogue Nippon, Interview Mag, Elle, Nylon, Ceci Mag, Korean Harpers Bazaar

Whaddup New Zealand


Kie Ora! I hope everyone’s holidays went swell :)

I arrived in New Zealand last Sunday and it is absolutely beautiful here in Auckland

(oh! and the accents!)

New Zealand is not really known for their fashion, but

I think there is a lot of potential here in my opinion!

One reason I say that is because of NO Magazine– Rumi

was recently featured in it as you can see…

And there’s the site: Front Row Diary that covers

NZ fashion. Go check ‘em out!

I just ordered my Canon DSLR yesterday and so hopefully I will receive it soon

and take lots of pictures to post up :)

‘Til then!

xx, MJ

GCOTM: Columbine Smille

Currently digging awesome Swedish blogger, Columbine Smille:

her style, her accessories, her inspirations, her friends….

And in other news,

we were tagged by the beautiful Style Spotter

as one of her favorite blogs to win the

“Glamorous Blog Award”!

We’re so honored and thankful and it’ll definitely inspire us

to keep on blogging :)

Happy Holidays everyone! <3

Credits: Columbine Smille

Wrap Up

It’s officially blizzard time here in the East Coast

and unfortunately the winter coats I currently own

are just not going to cut it.

I know, I know. It kind of doesn’t make sense that I ‘m browsing over

winter apparel when I will be going to New Zealand in less than 2 weeks

where it will be SUMMER,

but I just can’t get over how wonderfully warm and effortless

this Balenciaga jacket is.

Lucky Liu…

Credits: Jak&Jil Blog

But I See You, Karl

Music Video of Chanel’s Accessories S/S 2010 Line.

I don’t know about you, but I really like the styling and the lighting

of this video– it’s very romantic, regal, and ethereal…

and gosh,

doesn’t the detailing of the clothes and accessories leave you


It’s 4 minutes of breathtakingly beautiful people, clothes, and jewelry…

I’m always afraid what will happen to Chanel (and well, fashion)

when Karl Lagerfeld is gone??

Credit: Youtube, Tay Trong

Bad Romance (with Clothes)

I believe Lady Gaga has been referenced way too often these days, but

Too bad I don’t look this good with a black coat and glasses.

Gosh, Mary Kate looks amazing here…

On a side note:

my suitemates… or rather my whole floor seems to be jamming

to Christmas Music, ha! Can’t wait ’til finals are over!

Credit: Olsens Anonymous