“I actually have a masters in American History. Something totally different, but at one point in my life I decided to only do things I really enjoy doing. History was always my favorite course in high school, and when my first two weeks in Law school totally got me down, I decided to switch over and ignore the advice of people surrounding me telling me I should do something that would be really useful in the future. “

Hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!

-MJ and Chel

Blue Skies

Am in Australia!. Australia is not really known for its fashion, but I think people forget that Zimmerman, Sass & Bide…etc are down here! Am loving and enjoying their carefree no fuss lifestyle and fashion.

Credit: the fashion spot, jak and jil

Natural Beauty

I’ve been really into bright fresh colors like this light green number.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is so refreshing!

Sighhhh I’m so bored.

I can’t even go black-friday shopping… not that I wanted to this year.

Unfortunatley, I do not feel like going through massive amounts of

chaos and ummm.. extremely intense shoppers haha.

I’d much rather enjoy my time and appreciate each item as they deserve, no?

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving.

(It’s your one chance to gorge yourself with delicious foods, so don’t hold back this weekend!)





Just realized that I’ll be able to see this in print in 2 months time!

(Don’t forget to enter the Perricone giveaway! It ends tomorrow!)



RIP Daul Kim


New York, I Love You


We’ll be returning to New York this long weekend because well, New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow and we all know where the craziest most kickass people are gathering (even if we can’t get in the shows)….see you there?

Credit: the Fashion Spot