GCOTM :: The Haute Pursuit

I remember my college days when I used to sign into Chictopia.com daily to stalk Lulu and Rumi Neely’s style profiles. It was the first of its kind back in 2009, before fashion blogging became a norm. But I recently felt compelled to check into this portal again.. maybe it’s because I’m looking for the ‘next big thing’ in the online fashion world… or maybe it’s because I’ve been starved of inspiration. In any case, I don’t remember why exactly I drifted away from keeping up to date with the blogosphere but my most recent visit did not disappoint – Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit is definitely worthy of being LLF’s #GCOTM (girl crush of the moment, for you new folks).

Props to Asian girls who can pull of platinum blonde hair… Love her.

All Images sourced from: The Haute Pursuit / Chictopia 

January Style Spotlight: Triple Threats


Sorry about the lateness of our January Spotlight! But this month we had the honor of interviewing three of our favorite bloggers: Aimee, Jaime, and Shini. Enjoy! and click on the pictures to enlarge them!

Style Spotlight: Michelle Yue


Our blog, Lets Live Fast, is now hosting a new feature: Style Spotlight. Like the name suggests, each month we feature a budding fashionista and trendsetter and host an interview. Hope you enjoy!

Our first Style Spotlight is on Michelle Yue, an art and business student from Dallas, TX. She has a great blog on Chictopia and also reached status of “style icon” in the Chictopia community. Michelle’s style is like no other: her signature monochrome looks are at times reminiscent of the likes of Balmain, Givenchy or Alexander Wang. But besides that, one of the main reasons we decided to feature Michelle is because of her ability to translate the latest trends into successful DIY projects; just one look at her amazing slasher tights and the zipper chain body harness will convince you that this is one amazingly stylish girl.

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