Style Spotlight

We’ve been neglecting this blog busy with our last year in uni, so I thought I’d share some blogs that I consistently check: Into the Gloss, Vanilla Scented, Style Scrapbook, Style by Kling, Garance Dore, and Song of Style.

When I have more time at night, I love reading Ring My Bell, Something Navy,Vanessa Jackman, Fashion Squad, and Sincerely Jules…definitely check them out if you haven’t already…in fact, I’m probably going to go catch up on them now…

Source: images from respective blogs

Wrap Up

It’s officially blizzard time here in the East Coast

and unfortunately the winter coats I currently own

are just not going to cut it.

I know, I know. It kind of doesn’t make sense that I ‘m browsing over

winter apparel when I will be going to New Zealand in less than 2 weeks

where it will be SUMMER,

but I just can’t get over how wonderfully warm and effortless

this Balenciaga jacket is.

Lucky Liu…

Credits: Jak&Jil Blog



Can’t catch up with everything going on in NY while trying to catch up with all my school work. Will do a big post of all my favorite shows (once I get through them all) later on with MJ! For now, more reading, then sleep.




Loving the crop top. Especially with the amazing weather we’ve been getting!

Especially crop tops with some sort of animal print. Like this one above, and this tiger one. Both by Wildfox Couture! Want want want! (probably will have when my next paycheck comes around..and when I get around to shaping my tummy area up..) Lovee the AA one I currently have..but this needs to be added to my summer wardrobe. The prices aren’t too bad.

The key thing to wearing a crop top and not coming off (too) trashy, I think, is to make sure it’s a little oversized and make sure your belly button is covered–either by the top or by a pair of high waisted shorts.

In Love, Obsessed



Amazing pictures from The Selby. I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the red floral dress (above) since I saw it a couple months ago, but completely forgot it until I saw Rumi’s (FashionToast) post. Time to save money again..except I can’t seem to find it in my size anywhere.

Though, I’m also saving up to get tickets to All Points West this year. It’s supposed to be an east coast version of the infamous Coachella! Anyone else going?



If this doesn’t make you:

  1. Want Spring to come now now now, I don’t know what will.
  2. Want to see the rest of Sophonore NYC’s Spring 09 lookbook, then…
  3. (Or maybe it’s just that I’m a week away from Cancun! and I can’t stop posting about anything and everything Spring. Sorry about that).
  4. We’ll be a little MIA this week due to midterms and such…

Credit: SophomoreNYC