krink nyc


Lately, I’ve been looking towards Art as a hobby. I am in no way, shape, or form, skilled  when it comes to drawing, painting, or sketching. But something about taking out a marker and painting to my heart’s content is highly therapeutic. I would definitely recommend it for those looking to try something new :)

Krink NYC (website here, Instagram here) is a brand I recently discovered as I find myself slowly starting to pay attention to things like art supplies and brands (which are ironically enough, pretty expensive. Hence why artists are always ‘starving’ ?) I absolutely love their Instagram feed, but I also think the projects that they get involved with as a brand is not only awe-inspiring from a design standpoint, it is also a mark of overall quality, culture, and humanity. You’ll see what I mean once you start delving deep into their website and photo feeds online.

In any case, thank goodness spring is (finally!) here. Ciao Ciao to Winter — you will sorely not ever be missed.

Happy weekend -



Image Source: Krink NYC

Marcel Wanders On Design [Nowness]

Have you ever felt that tingle of excitement that is so contagious as you witness someone talking passionately about a subject that interests them? I chanced upon this segment on Marcel Wanders as he talks about his drone — a manifestation of a single spark of creativity forged by modern mechanical ingenuity. It’s a sign of futurism. It is art.

But to me, the most important takeaway from this clip is the genuine love he has for building and design. I think men, no matter how old they are in age, will always be a young boy at heart :)

Enjoy, be inspired, and discover more in the world of Marcel Wanders.


Fall Awaiting.

As summer will soon draw to a close, I can’t help but feel excited for autumn and bringing back all the fall styles – aka black, leather jackets, boots, the works. The fashion industry seems to be hinting at the return of fall fashions too as I’ve been noticing a lot more leopard print back in stores lately..