Marcel Wanders On Design [Nowness]

Have you ever felt that tingle of excitement that is so contagious as you witness someone talking passionately about a subject that interests them? I chanced upon this segment on Marcel Wanders as he talks about his drone — a manifestation of a single spark of creativity forged by modern mechanical ingenuity. It’s a sign of futurism. It is art.

But to me, the most important takeaway from this clip is the genuine love he has for building and design. I think men, no matter how old they are in age, will always be a young boy at heart :)

Enjoy, be inspired, and discover more in the world of Marcel Wanders.


Fall Awaiting.

As summer will soon draw to a close, I can’t help but feel excited for autumn and bringing back all the fall styles – aka black, leather jackets, boots, the works. The fashion industry seems to be hinting at the return of fall fashions too as I’ve been noticing a lot more leopard print back in stores lately..




Dear Readers,

And so it is – Chel and I have been neglecting this blog,

(but I more so than Chel)

and so to be honest I was pleasantly shocked to see that we still had

readers and followers! ha!

But I’ve graduated now. I’m starting a new phase of my life, and

I want to go back to the things that interest me, and

this blog is just that.

So Cheers to the revival of Lets Live Fast.

Cheers to New Phases in Life.

Cheers to Chance Discoverers of this blog,

and Cheers to Kate Moss.

Just because.



GCOTM: Columbine Smille

Currently digging awesome Swedish blogger, Columbine Smille:

her style, her accessories, her inspirations, her friends….

And in other news,

we were tagged by the beautiful Style Spotter

as one of her favorite blogs to win the

“Glamorous Blog Award”!

We’re so honored and thankful and it’ll definitely inspire us

to keep on blogging :)

Happy Holidays everyone! <3

Credits: Columbine Smille

Bad Romance (with Clothes)

I believe Lady Gaga has been referenced way too often these days, but

Too bad I don’t look this good with a black coat and glasses.

Gosh, Mary Kate looks amazing here…

On a side note:

my suitemates… or rather my whole floor seems to be jamming

to Christmas Music, ha! Can’t wait ’til finals are over!

Credit: Olsens Anonymous