Jimmy Choo for H&M

Is this great or what?!

I personally like these:

Ironically, I didn’t care much for the shoes

only because I’m not sure I have

anywhere to wear them to haha

BUT I did take note of some:

Epic.  (would it be better in black?)

Also very classic Jimmy epic..

Anyways, it’s

Coming out November 14th!! :)


Credits: Purple Cuffs


taylor m 7

I don’t know what it is about Taylor these days,

but Chel and I have been loving her off-set style!

(Maybe because she finally grew out her hair?)

Credit:  Taylor-Momsen.net



Love AltamiraNYC especially when its fashion week. Skye Stracke looks amazingg here. She’s pretty much been wearing those miu miu lace ups since forever..and I still love them.

Credit: Altamira NYC



Can’t catch up with everything going on in NY while trying to catch up with all my school work. Will do a big post of all my favorite shows (once I get through them all) later on with MJ! For now, more reading, then sleep.

Credit: Style.com