Abbey Lee in Exit Magazine.

Finals are coming up for us so we’re going to be posting less; but we’re always reading our blogrolls so we’ll see you all around! I think we might be needing a twitter soon…

Credit: fashionista

Danny, be mine.




Haha sorry that was gay. 

But this perfect man you see right here is 

Danny Schwarz- a 22 year old English god.

I know male models don’t get half as much attention as 

females, but I figure this blog

could use a bit of testosterone once in a while, yea?


Readers, Who’s your favorite male model??


Credits: NYMag

In Love, Obsessed



Amazing pictures from The Selby. I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the red floral dress (above) since I saw it a couple months ago, but completely forgot it until I saw Rumi’s (FashionToast) post. Time to save money again..except I can’t seem to find it in my size anywhere.

Though, I’m also saving up to get tickets to All Points West this year. It’s supposed to be an east coast version of the infamous Coachella! Anyone else going?

An Organized Mess


  • Finally visited Topshop over the weekend in New York! A 5 minute wait on a rainy afternoon, weaving in and out of fashionable crowds, and a 35-40 minute wait for a changing room later, I left with $125 less in my wallet and two adorable dresses for the spring/summer season!
  • The trip definitely reminded me that there was no question where I should be this summer: New York.